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Meal Replacement

ReShape is a deliciously satisfying creamy shake, both tasty and nutritious to help you kick start your weight loss journey.

Each serving is packed with non-GMO soy protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help you transform into a healthier and more fit version of yourself!

How to ReShape?
Drink 1 shake daily in replacement of a full meal and add 2 LunaRich X capsules to your regimen.

Get in shape faster by replacing two meals a day with with Reliv ReShape creamy shakes and eat one balanced main meal.

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Retail Price:  ₱2,400.00

ReShape Nutritional Panel

Discover the unique blend of ingredients that make this meal replacement unlike any other product today. 

Download nutritional panel (PDF).

Features & Benefits

Feature: A full range of essential vitamins and minerals

Benefit: Not only does it help you to lose weight, it also provides optimal nutritional support — it’s weight loss the healthy way.

Feature: A full 12 grams of protein from whole soy powder

Benefit: It keeps you feeling fuller longer so you’re not hungry an hour after lunch.

Feature: Mixed with water...

Benefit: It's a convenient, fast and nutritious meal for those on the go.

Feature: Low saturated fat, low cholesterol and a good source of dietary fibre

Benefit: It provides a great nutritional option for those seeking to take control of their health.